Well, we had that invitation. Of course, we’re in, Balba was going to perform outside Rio de Janeiro for the first time. Feels like saying good bye to mom. I am the most confident and tuff guy in the world, nevertheless, I saw a little boy in the mirror. What are you afraid of, asshole? This is what you dream of, the first step to reach the top of the world.

I got myself avoiding the mirror for the past two weeks before the gig. What if nobody shows up? Is it worth? Don’t wanna know, don’t wanna think about that. There will be no friends, only angry people ready to atack some band they don’t know for sure. I know how cool and fun is to denigrate someone ackward. I do it in my thoughts everytime I take the subway.

So, we landed in São Paulo and headed to the Feeling Music Bar. Too early? There is no single soul in this shit. Can’t belive I took the wrong address. Fuck, dude. I decided to text the producer and he typed: “You’ve arrived even before the production crew, hold on.” Can’t believe that after more than 15 years into this Rock’n’Roll life I still belive things will be on due time.

Let’s have a few beers and wait for the crowd. At least they had a pool table and while we had some great fun in that game, people started to arrive. A bunch of teenagers? We never had that kind of audience. Probably the older guys are coming up. Wrong thought. Teenagers kept coming and coming, so that was it, we had to play for a sober audience. Another great chalenge, as we’re used to play for drunk people, which is so much easier for us.

Butterflies in my stomach almost carring me out trough the roof, but it was time to face the truth. Fuck it all, if they don’t like us, they are teenagers, they don’t know anything. At least I had my LED t-shirt, that blinks when I play the snare drum, it’s so idiot that they gonna like it.

Dig blow’s as usual “A Hear to Unfold” in the face of the crowd. Period. So I can hear people cheering, and a lot. Well, nice response, I thought. They were at least behaving good, as their parent told them to do.

Second tune, I can’t remeber was that because the bass drum was running away from me and I got without my pedal. Half of the song with no kick. However, twice the cheering than the first. Well, I thought, they are teenagers, they can’t notice when a bass drum is playing or not, that’s why.


So we had the third, and the forth tune, bass drum running away all the time and suddenly all the set list was gone. We had no extra time, cause the evening had 2 more bands and the event producer sent me like 49 facebook messages about not extrapolating our 40 minutes on stage.

Suddenly, raising from the crazy crowd, there was that voice coming from the technical room: “Balba, you may play more if you want.” Candy for the kids? Well, poor producer, he shouldn’t said that. Lou Conut gave me that smile and everything was joy. Only from now on I could realize how stupid I am, how wonderful our teenage audience was, how smart and energeticaly they cheered us. Nobody could take us out of the stage now. This is our nest, where we came and where we’re going.

That was it. 1 hour of pure rock and energy. Thank you, teenage crowd, for making me remember the time I loved the music as there was no tomorrow. Thank you for teaching me how to be so light and pleasant. Hope our show made you a bit happy as we are right now, because we met you.

Cheers. Dav Obadia.