• A Heart to Unfold
  • Teardrops
  • Western Girl
  • Fool In Love
  • Let it Flow
  • Set My Mind Free
  • Minds Apart
  • Can't Get What You Want
  • Ma Chère Marie
  • That Dance
  • Balba Song
  • With You

Searching for the right words to keep you close.
Thinking you might lose all your sanity.
There’s nothing else we can do this time.
There’s nothing left for me to try.

So hard to find.
Two twisted minds.

Through our frantic world
It seems there will be no end.

Through our hypnotic eyes
It’s just my inner self.

Chasing the ghosts you’ve been hiding from.
Breathing the air of normality.
Bringing out our dark side, sometimes the only thing that we can do.
Drowning in our ocean, begging, please don’t take me with you.


Lyric by Dan J
All Songs by Balba