Everybody is on the run.
Run for your lives or come undone.
You’ve got me shooting with a gun,
At all those were not having fun.

I think that I should let you know,
Is there some fear in your soul?
Then all you people will never grow
And your brown eyes will never glow.

Your shining tears are gonna show,
What’s underneath this god damn soul.
But I can play some rock’n’roll…
To make these awkward feelings go… away…

I’ll take a look inside of me,
Behold the past i’ve never seen,
Stop blaming you or everything,
Instead of playing my melody.

So i’ll shoot myself with the gun.
Without you I just came undone.
I’m sure I can’t do this alone,
Cause since the day that you are gone…

Oh no!

So save me!
And take me away…

Because I can’t lie to myself,
Just can’t be no one else.
Grab a melancholic tune
And sing it to the moon.

I will wait till kingdom come,
To build our own way home.
Looking back at all the things we’ve done,
I’m quite sure I can’t do this alone.

I can’t…
You can’t…

Lyric by Dig Obadia
All Songs by Balba