• A Heart to Unfold
  • Teardrops
  • Western Girl
  • Fool In Love
  • Let it Flow
  • Set My Mind Free
  • Minds Apart
  • Can't Get What You Want
  • Ma Chère Marie
  • That Dance
  • Balba Song
  • With You

Seems to be so hard to tell,
the way I hurt you inside-out,
feels like I was born in hell.

Darkest thoughts flew off my head,
spreading madness everywhere,
should I leave or remain here?

Can you free my mind
and leave all my past behind?
Chase the ghosts that haunt my pride,
I beg you, so can you forgive me?
I want it, I need it,
but I won’t till I bleed myself!

Now I know there´s no way back,
since I turned my back to you,
I’m quite sure I won’t regret.

Deepest thoughts are still in my head,
hiding evil inside there.
Will I live or remain dead?

Don´t want it. Don´t need it.
Is so hard to see?

Don’t want it. Don´t need it.
My pride is gone, so why live it?


Lyric by Dig Obadia
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