That was the very first time I saw her there.
That was the very first time I felt no sadness.

Then was my miracle,
my share of happiness.
You stood there beautiful,
waiting for that dance.

The lights spotting on us,
the moment you started to blush.
I knew that I should ask for .

The rhythm you sang with me,
I still remember what I said.
One wet kiss on your neck .

I still believe that
no destiny for a man
is bigger then your duty,
deserve it if you can.

Whatever you did to my life,
whatever magic inside,
I’m better, I kept your voice.
With all my wrongs you made right,
the way my life became bright,
I’m sure there was no other choice.

But all the steps
we gave in our paths of sand,
it certainly made me
a better man.

But all the choices
I took by your side and stand,
no turn back, no regret,
Joy over pain.

There is no my own without you.
There is no why roam without you.
There is no my own.
There is no why roam.

And now, it’s done,
nothing will drain from me.
Ten years have passed,
Wanna live all again.

I’m still in love,
feeling like the first glance.
And living beside you,
should it never end.

That was the very first time I felt so safe.


Lyric by Dav Obadia
All Songs by Balba