I’m in need of something new,

looking right into endless blue,
waiting for the stars to come.
They will show my way back home.

So the light runs in my way
and the sky turns into gray.
Can you feel it like i do?
I can smile because of you.

Lonely days are history now.
Seven days in a week is no good!
Remedy that would heal my mind…
spend a lifetime with you.
With you.

I will keep my way to find.
Get myself some peace of mind.
But my feet won’t touch the floor,
since you’ve boarded up every door.

But i will be here on my own,
Wait for the sunshine all day long.
Hope for better times to come.
It is meaningless since you’re gone.

It just goes on and on.

And I feel like wasting time.
30 days in a month won’t do!
All I want but can’t abide…
spend a lifetime with you.

With you.


Lyric by Dig Obadia
All Songs by Balba